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Projector TV

​Projector TV - How do you watch TV through a projector?

Is there Freeview on projector?

Unlike TV, Projectors do not have any Built in TV Tuner. It can only accept video signal and display whatever you feed into it through it's input port e.g. HDMI, RCA or DVI port.

There are two ways to connect a TV, 1) Through the traditional TV Antenna. 2) Through app via 3rd party media player like Apple TV or Chromecast. 

 1) If you would like to connect to TV through the traditional TV antenna. Please consider getting a TV Tuner / Media Player below:

TV Antenna cable is to be plugged into the Coaxial plug input port at the back of the TV Tuner and a HDMI cable should be be connect from the back of the TV Tuner to the Projector HDMI input.

2) As discussed above, if you do not have a working TV Antenna but have very good internet, the second way to connect is through a Chromecast or Apple TV.

Nowadays most of the FreeView TV Channel (7, 9, 10, SBS, ABC) have their own apps in the Apple or Google apps store. User download the app inside Apple TV or Chromecast and use the remote control to browse through the menu to see each TV Station's program offering (either ) and click on whichever program you want to watch. Most of program are either pre-recorded or there is a livestream available.

Do you know that beside local FreeView, you can also watch News from Overseas (USA, Europe, Asia) for FREE!

If you're connecting via app via the smart media player mention above, you can also watch International live stream of news through the app on Youtube.

Yes, at the moment there are 20 or so TV station upload the live news feed on YouTube. TV Station such as Bloomberg, NBC, ABC, CNBC, Al Jazeera, EuroNews, DW News, France 24, NDTV, CNA, Set iNews, KBS World, Airrang TV, FNN, ANN...etc   

Long gone the day you have to pay for expensive subscription on pay TV to watch international News.

Yes, but YouTube have advertisement, I don't like ad, what can I do?

If you do not like advertisement, you can also subscribe to YouTube Premium for an ad-free no interruption streaming for $14.99/Month.

Beside news, a lot of Music Video are also available on Youtube. What about stream a playlist of MTV of your favorite musician and play it on the big screen on the projector!!