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Fixed Projector Screen

For Fixed Projector Screen, we offer economical screen, premium fixed screen, ambient light rejecting screen and edge free fixed projector screen.

Economical screen and premium screen use the same screen fabric which produce 1.1 gain. Economical screen is lighter and easier to set up, premium screen have a thicker border and is heavier, it may require two people to install.

If your room is bright, consider getting the Ambient Light Rejecting Screen, it will help boost the brightness by 1.2 or 1.5 times, depend on the model. The higher the brightness it boost, the sharper the display angle there is, i.e less viewing angle. 

Edge Free screen can be installed Edge Free to create a cooler, neater look for your room. It also comes with edges if you need and feel like to install it.

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  1. Grandview Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Projector Screen