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Streaming Movies & Drama

There is Smart TV, what about Smart Projector?

Beside Free TV, there are so many movies and drama to watch nowadays on subscription platform. Netflix, Disney+, Amazon TV, Binge, Optus Sport, Kayo Sport..etc How do you stream content to the projector wirelessly without a cable? 

After trying many different system, there are few wireless options that we recommended mainly, Nvidia Shield TV, Google TV, Apple TV.

Which one to choose depend on which system you're familiar with. If you own an Apple Iphone, you may want to stick to the Apple Eco System. Please use Apple TV 4K.

If you normally use Google Android phone e.g Samsung. It's easier to set up using Google TV or Nvidia Shield TV.

Nvidia Shield TV 

If you're a PC Gamer, or PC enthusiast, you'll be very familiar with the name Nvidia. Nvidia is a big famous chip company that make computer graphics card. Most likely the PC or Laptop that you have have a Nvidia Graphics card built in. 

Nvidia Shield TV come in two model, Nvidia Shield TV and Nvidia Shield TV Pro. Nvidia Shield TV is a new model just release in year 2020. It's slimmer and have a slicker feel.

Most of this streaming device have a splash screen like below: With the individual app, you can browse the catalogue with the remote control just like a normal TV.

Google Chromecast

Chromecast is to be installed in the HDMI port in the projector.

New Chromecast come with a remote control. When it's turn on, you will see a home screen, simply browse through the Google Home Screen to choose which program you want to watch. (work just like a TV).


New Google TV Chromecast do have Bluetooth output for sound to connect to external speaker. 

Apple TV