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Home Theatre Projector Guide.

Home Theatre Projector

There are many models in the Home Projector space in 2023.

Do you have a dedicate home theatre room or is it for sitting room, bedroom or any other room? There are many model designed for different setup in a home.

Home theater projector does not have to be expensive ($4k to $20k)  in order to produce a good picture. We have seen many projector that can offer a good picture at a reasonable price. The trick is to find a right balance between price and performance.

A projector does not need to be installed on the ceiling it can be put on the desk and project onto a wall or a projector screen. 

The new Ultra Short Throw Home Theatre projector can be put on a bench and put it up close to the wall or a fixed screen if you wish to have a easy set up and no any drilling or mounting the projector on the ceiling. Its suitable for people live in an apartment or if they're renting. 

If you're not watching in a total dark room, a projector with at least 4000 lumens is recommended. 

Most projector is suitable for watching movies as well as playing sport videos and gaming ( PS5, Xbox, Nintendo, PC). Some model have a dedicated sport mode to watch sport and some are specifically designed for gaming.

If you're buying the projector for gaming, look for a projector that have a response rate around 10ms (the lesser the better).

Most of the home projectors nowadays can be used as a dedicated home theater projector as well as an all rounded projector for home for watching movies, watching sports and play games. 

Dedicated Home Theatre Projector is usually have less lumens and dimmer in comparison but have a higher contrast ratio, it requires to be used in a room with controlled lighting environment. (Dimmable lighting, room with blinds or curtains..etc) The darker the room it is, the more picture detail (information) it can show.

4k Projector became mainstream in 2022 and combine with laser or LED it will become mainstream in 2023. 4k projector has 4 times the resolution of a Full Hd projector, it can also produce High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture. With HDR technology turned on, it produce a significant difference and much better picture with deeper black and vivid colour than a projector without HDR. The result is noticeable. Some selected Full HD home projector model also capable of producing HDR.

LED projector is getting popular similar to the laser projector, designed for watching movies or gaming. Some newer model uses a brighter light source up to 3000 lumens, some portable model have light source between 500 to 1500 lumens, some come with a built in battery. They are good for travellers or taking it to friend's place or used in between rooms in the house. 

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