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Projector Screen

Projector Screen

When buying a projector screen, there are a few important factors to consider.

These include:

  • The size and type of screen you need
  • The number of audience members you will have
  • The aspect ratio of the screen to match the native aspect ratio of your projector.

We offer several option for projector screen. For permanent installation, we offer Manual Pull Down Screen, Motorised Projector Screen and Fixed Projector Screen.

he Manual Pull Down Screen is usually cheaper and easier to install, and it can be mounted either on the wall or in the ceiling. There are two types of manual pull down screens: the normal manual pull down and the slow retraction type.

Motorised projector screen require electricity to operate because there is an electric motor inside. The motor is generally very quiet and can last for many years. There are normal motorised screens, as well as in-ceiling types if you need a neater look, but these require extra installation work and are not easy to install. Additionally, there are dual motorized screens available in 16:9 or 2:35:1 aspect ratios, giving you a choice of both screens for your home theatre.

Fixed screens are available in a few options, including front projection or rear projection, edge-free, tab-tensioned, normal screen, or ambient light rejecting.

For portable projector screen, we offer Tripod and Pull Up Screen. Tripods are generally cheaper and easier to set up and transport because they are lighter. Pull up screens are heavier and are suitable for use in the home if they need to be transported from room to room or packed away when not in use."

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  1. SeeMax Motorised Projector Screen ( with Floating L Bracket) - from 100" to 120"