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4K Projector

4K Projector for Business.

4k Projector can be used for home and work application. 4k produce high quality, high resolution pictures. It consist of 3840 horizontal line x 2160 vertical lines of pixels (total 8.29 Millions pixels) whereas Full HD is 1920 horizontal line x 1080 vertical lines of pixles (2.07 Millions pixels).

4k have 4 times the resolution of Full Hd and 8 times the resolution of WXGA projector.  Given said this, in work application for example in software application, it can produce a very very large desktop. This is ideal for application if you need an extremely big screen to monitor a lot of metrics in a team environment; e.g Control Room for security for shopping center, exhibition center, casino...etc monitoring operations of machines for manufacturing plant, or transportation operations..etc.  We recommend at least 3500 lumens 4k projector for business and offices. And 5000 lumens+ for Medium Sized Venue. 

 4K Projector for Home. 

There are many ways to enjoy 4k content nowadays. 4k is not only restricted to 4K HDR Blu Ray Disc, Nowadays big content provider like Netflix, Foxtel and others also offer 4k Content; Xbox, Sony Ps4 also offer games in 4k too; 4K UHD Blu Ray offer features like High Dynamic Range, 10 bit colour support. It offers a wider colour gamut - producing a more vivid, vibrant colour image than before. With HDR turned on, it produce a deeper contrast - brighter highlights and deeper black colour.

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  1. LG HU70LG LED 4K Home Projector 1500 Lumens 4K
  2. BenQ TK700Sti Short Throw Gaming Home Projector 3000 Lumens 4K