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Optoma UHD55 Home Theatre Projector 3600 Lumens 4K

  • $2,399.00
  • $2,999.00
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Optoma UHD55 Home Projector

Optoma Uhd55 Projector Throw Ratio: 1.21 ~ : 1.59:1
Screen Size: Installation Distance
92" 204cm x 115cm 2.5m-3.2m
100" 221m x 125cm 2.7m-3.5m
110" 244cm x 137cm 3.0m-3.9m
120" 266cm x 149cm 3.2m-4.2m
130" 288cm x 161cm 3.5m-4.6m

  • 3600 Lumens
  • 1,200,000:1 Contrast
  • Horizontal & Vertical Keystone
  • 95% DCI-P3 Coverage
  • 2x HDMI Port
  • 4 Corner Correction
  • 10W Speaker
  • Gaming Mode
  • 12V Projector Screen Trigger
  • Lamp life up to 15,000 Hours
  • 2 Years Optoma Australia Warranty

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  • Full 4K, 8 million pixel display, perfect pixel alignment and great contrast
  • Bright 3,600 lumens and stable output, achieves 1,200,000 : 1 Contrast
  • Wide Colour Gamut Mode that achieves 95% DCI-P3 Coverage
  • HDR 10 & HLG Supported for Brightest Whites, Deepest Darks, and Lifelike Colors
  • Superb gaming experience with extremely low 4ms Input Lag for 240Hz at 1080P, 16.9ms for 60Hz at 4K UHD
  • Auto detect and display Super Ultra Wide 21:9/32:9 screen for immersive panoramic view
  • Smart Home with Optoma Marketplace, File Manager, Creative Cast App, and more
  • Easy installation with 1.3x zoom, 4-corner adjustment, 2D keystone correction, and warping

Introducing Optoma UHD55 smart projector for home. To create a personal home theatre or to set up a home office/school environment, UHD55 is perfect any way. UHD55 delivers true 4K UHD resolution with the breathtaking images. With Wide Colour Gamut mode with 95% DCI-P3 coverage, UHD55 delivers authentic and lifelike colors, suitable for movies and games filled with brilliant colors or artsy hues that support HDR and HLG metadata.

UHD55 also comes with the upgraded Smart Home features including Optoma Marketplace, File Manager, Creative Cast, and connectivity with voice assistants, offering the comprehensive home entertainment experience. With the ability to implement 4-corner adjustment, 2D keystone correction, vertical lens shift, powered 1.3x zoom, and warping at 3*3 matrix, UHD55 is perfectly easy to install in any room at home, or to create a simulation scenario.

True 4K UHD4K Ultra HD with at least 8 million active pixels displayed packs every detail the director intends.

Optoma HDR


UHD55 supports HDR10 and HLG. When a HDR / HLG signal is detected, the projector automatically switches to HDR / HLG display mode. Through Optoma’s HDR color mapping and tone mapping technology, it enables HDR / HLG movies or games to be presented at their best in terms of color accuracy and improved contrast ratio through dynamic contrast.

Wide Color Gamut Mode – MoreVisually Striking Movies

UHD55’s Wide Color Gamut Mode enhances your movie experience by reproducing authentic and lifelike colors. Suitable for movies and games filled with brilliant colors or artsy hues that support HDR and HLG metadata.

95% DCI-P3 on Wide Color Gamut

Vibrant color with DCI-P3 HDR, SDR and HLG mode​


  1. 1.Brightness drops to 450lm when the WCG_SDR/HDR/HLG mode is on.
  2. 2.The WCG_SDR/HDR/HLG Mode support is on HDMI Port 2 only.
Limitless Entertainment

Limitless Entertainmentwith Optoma UHD55

  • USB Power Out(5V/1.5A)HDMI 2.0

  • HDMI 2.0HDCP 2.24K 60Hz

Connect your favorite media streaming devices or game console to the HDMI port of UHD55, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast Ultra, Nvidia Shield TV, Apple TV, Chromecast with Google PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Optoma Marketplace app store

Watch your favorite streaming movies and TV shows on a massive screen

Optoma Marketplace app store


  1. 1.Apps do not come pre-installed.
  2. 2.Apps and trademarks belong to their respective companies.
  3. 3.App resolutions are dependent on the policies of their respective developers.
  4. 4.App categories available may differ according to device firmware version.
  5. 5.Google Play Store services not supported.

Built-in or External SpeakerFantastic Sound for Gaming

Auto Display Mode for Blu-ray 3D

Optoma provides “3D” display mode to resolve the issues related to variations in brightness of 3D images due to overlapping signals and use of specialized lenses. When a 3D signal is received from Blu-ray 3D, the system directly switches to [3D] mode to elevate image brightness and contrast.

  • Blu-ray 3DAuto switching
  • Blu-ray 3DIncreased brightness and contrast
Blu-ray 3D

*Full 3D support is on HDMI2.


Using sophisticated frame-interpolation technology, advanced motion control processing eliminates motion blurring or image judder, even in high-speed action sequences.

*The PureMotion support is on HDMI Port 2.

Play big with family and friends. Scale up your gaming dramatically

Optoma takes gaming to the next level. UHD55 packs in everything a gamer could want: Immersive large screen image for the richest color gamut and sharpest contrast, extremely low input lag, high refresh rates,good motion handling and excellent contrast—perfect for intense gaming as well as casual gaming.

Perfect Display for Gaming

  • HDREffect
  • 21:9 / 32:9Ultra Wide
  • 4K60Hz
  • 1080p 240Hz1080p240Hz

Enhanced Gaming Mode

  • Lag-freeLag-freeInput Lag4ms@1080P240Hz
  • Lag-free Input Lag 4ms @240Hz 1080PLow InputLag 16.9ms@4K 60Hz

*The Enhanced Gaming Mode support is on HDMI Port 1.

Less input delay means faster response times for a competitive edge!

See more with panoramic view

16:9 Conventional

21:9 UltraWide

32:9 Super Ultra Wide

Work from Home with Optoma

Big Screen Experience for the Whole Family – adults can work from home more efficiently and children can enjoy more engaging life-sized remote learning

  • True 4K UHDTrue 4K UHD(3840x2160)
  • WirelessWirelessDisplay
  • File ManagerFile Manager
  • Low BlueLow BlueLight Eye Care

Relieve your eye strain - Larger and sharp images with lower blue light

Designed to deliver detailed images, figures and graphics that look impressively sharp on a big screen.No need to squint to read figures on spreadsheets or text on complicated graphics.

  • Smarter home entertainment
  • Creative Cast for seamless wireless displayCreative Cast for seamlesswireless display
  • Hands-free voice assistantHands-freevoice assistant
  • Marketplace App storeMarketplaceApp store
  • Cloud-connected File ManagerCloud-connectedFile Manager
  • IFTTT for home automationIFTTT forhome automation
  • Optoma Connect personal infowallOptoma Connectpersonal infowall
  • Change wallpaper as you wish4K ScenicWallpapers
  • Light and shadow ambience screensaverDigital Galleryambience screensaver

Optoma built the smart platform with Android OS for more convenience and easy connection to multimedia.

4 Corner geometric adjustment
+/- 40 degree
horizontal & vertical correction
Flexible & Hassle-Free Installation

A more intense level of realism and immersion with UHD55 curved-screen projection

Excellent for gaming, exhibitions and training simulators eg. flight, driving and helicopter simulation.

Warping adjustment - before and after

3x3 Distortion Correction

  • Distortion Correction

Application: Non-planar screens such a curved screens and advanced off-axis correction

Long Life of15,000 Hours

Dynamic Black Mode 15,000hrs

ECO Mode 10,000hrs

Bright Mode 4,000hrs

Dynamic Black Mode
  • 1USB 1-USB 2.0, Power OUT (5V/1.5A)
  • 2VGA In
  • 3USB 2-USB 2.0, USB stick and WiFi dongle
  • 4RJ45
  • 5RS-232
  • 6HDMI 1 -V2.0 (HDCP2.2 / 4K 60Hz / Support low latency)
  • 7HDMI 2 -V2.0 (HDCP2.2 / 4K 60Hz / Support MEMC / Support WCG-Wide Color Gamut mode)
  • 8USB 3-USB 2.0 (USB stick and WiFi dongle)
  • 9S/PDIF -Support PCM 2 channel
  • 1012V Out
  • 11Audio In (stereo, 3.5mm jack)
  • 12Audio Out (stereo, 3.5mm jack)

Display Technology

DLP 4K UHD chip

Native Resolution



Light Source

Lamp Life


Throw Ratio

Zoom Type

1.3x Manual

I/O Connectors

2x HDMI, VGA in , Audio in(3.5mm jack), Audio out, S/PDIF, USB-A (power 5V/1.5A), USB-Ax2( USB stick and WiFi Dongle), RS232, 12V trigger

Speaker (Watts)


Weight (Kg)

Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)

315 x 270 x115 mm (w/o feet), 315 x 270 x118 mm (w/ feet)

Aspect Ratio

Projection Screen Size

34.1" – 302.4"

Projection Lens

F# 1.94~2.23 / f 12.81~16.74mm



Horizontal Scan Rate


Vertical Scan Rate

24 – 120Hz (1080p/240Hz at Enhanced Gaming Mode)

Displayable Colors

1073.4 million colors (10 bit)

3D Support

Full 3D (HDMI2 only, HDMI1:Frame Sequential/ Frame packing)

Noise Level

Power Supply

100–240V, 50–60Hz, auto-switching

Power Consumption

Power Consumption (Min) @110V 210W; Power Consumption (Max) @110V 330W Power Consumption (Min) @220V 200W; Power Consumption (Max) @220V 320W